Joca-West Construction can supply and install almost any type of exterior wall assembly and cladding product.
We are a team of experts when it comes to exterior cladding, and we are proud to be your number one Edmonton cladding & metal roofing company. Whether you want a full-scale cladding project or simply a few repairs, count on us for quick and efficient work.

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Service Overview

We provide a high standard service and a leading selection of cladding in Edmonton, AB.
At Joca-West, we have extensive experience in helping homeowners and companies enhance the appearance and value of their homes by installing/renovating cladding in Alberta province and all over Canada. We always use the best materials in the industry, and we put our highest quality work into every job. If you choose us, we will make every effort to ensure that we exceed your expectations by providing honest, efficient service, and outstanding final results.

Attractive & durable cladding options

We offer different and affordable choices of cladding materials:

  • Metal Wall Cladding
  • Nichiha
  • Architectural Panels
  • AL13
  • Trespa
  • Longboard
  • James Hardie Products
  • Fibre C
  • Roxul - Insulation Wall
  • Soffit
  • Fascia

Popular Questions

There is any warranty on the installation?

Yes, we are so proud of our excellent job, that we provide a full year of guarantee on the installation

Does Hardie has warranty?

Yes, James Hardie® Products comes with 30 years of factory warranty.*

*Depending on the kind of product, may vary.

Does Roxul Insulation has warranty?

Yes, Rockwool® Products comes with 30 years of factory warranty.*

*Depending on the kind of product, may vary.

Excellent outcomes guaranteed

  • We bring years of experience in the industry to every job.
  • We offer installation & product warranty.
  • We operate as a fully licensed and insured siding installer.

Edmonton | Modern Cladding & Metal Roofing Company

Joca-West Construction is an independent firm based in Edmonton, committed with the progress of Alberta.
Our mission is to provide services in a variety of products such as Project and Construction Management, exterior envelope and restoration.
Our philosophy is to build our client dreams, ensuring quality, safety and innovation following all Codes and Regulations.




✔ Exterior Finishing ✔ Building Insulation ✔ Sheet Metal Work

• Architectural Details
• Architectural Composite Panels
• Insulated Metal Panels
• Exterior Insulation
• Aluminum Monolithic Panels
• Fiber Cement Siding
• Pre-formed Metal Siding
• Custom metal envelope for any shape

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Holidays may change