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We can work together to help you improve the look of your home or business.
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8339 Ellis Cres NW,
Edmonton, AB T6M 2P6, Canada
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Edmonton | Modern Cladding & Metal Roofing Company

Joca-West Construction is an independent firm based in Edmonton, committed with the progress of Alberta.
Our mission is to provide services in a variety of products such as Project and Construction Management, exterior envelope and restoration.
Our philosophy is to build our client dreams, ensuring quality, safety and innovation following all Codes and Regulations.




✔ Exterior Finishing ✔ Building Insulation ✔ Sheet Metal Work

• Architectural Details
• Architectural Composite Panels
• Insulated Metal Panels
• Exterior Insulation
• Aluminum Monolithic Panels
• Fiber Cement Siding
• Pre-formed Metal Siding
• Custom metal envelope for any shape

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Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Holidays may change